The Prairie Course

The Prairie Course (the original back 9) features more sloping greens and requires more accuracy off of the tee as each hole contains either grass hazard areas or environmentally sensitive areas. The Prairie Course is built on gently rolling terrain and your ability to navigate uneven lies will be tested. Par:36 Yardage: 2160-3163 yds

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Golf Tee Details

  • Red Tees– Designed for beginners or shorter hitters.  No forced carries.
  • Green Tees– For players with some golf experience.  Handicap Level: 25-35.  No forced Carries.
  • White Tees– For experienced golfers.  Handicap level:15-24  Some forced carries up to 170 yards.
  • Blue Tees– For advanced players.  Handicap level 8-14.  Forced carries up to 200 yards.
  • Gold Tees– For advanced players with high skill.  Handicap level: 7 and under.   Some long  forced carries requiring accuracy

Please see the scorecard for yardages, course rating and slope.

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