The Valley Course

The Valley Course is the newest of the 3 and is more of a target golf course with demanding tee shots due to trees, long grass areas and water. The Valley Course has 2 par 5’s, 4 par 4’s and 3 par 3’s. It is the shortest of the 3 courses with many risk/reward opportunities. Par 35 Yardage: 2252-2761 yds Carts are mandatory on the Valley Course

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Golf Tee Details

  • Red Tees– Designed for beginners or shorter hitters.  No forced carries.
  • Green Tees– For players with some golf experience.  Handicap Level: 25-35.  No forced Carries.
  • White Tees– For experienced golfers.  Handicap level:15-24  Some forced carries up to 170 yards.
  • Blue Tees– For advanced players.  Handicap level 8-14.  Forced carries up to 200 yards.
  • Gold Tees– For advanced players with high skill.  Handicap level: 7 and under.   Some long  forced carries requiring accuracy

Please see the scorecard for yardages, course rating and slope.

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