DV Thursday League

2024 INFO

The DV Thursday League is our largest with 64 players. If you are interested in joining this league please call 608-924-3033 to get your name on a waiting list as this league is currently at capacity.

DATES 18 consecutive Thursdays beginning April 25th and concluding on August 29th- No League on July 4th.

FORMAT- This league will consist of 2-man teams.  Teams will play match play against each other consisting of two separate individual matches where the two higher average players compete against each other and the two lower average players compete against each other- Subs are solely the player’s responsibility.  No shows are responsible for their league fee.

POINTS- There is a 9 point system per match.  1 point will be awarded for each hole won (tied holes will give each player ½ point)  Matches will be handicapped based on 80% of the stroke differential between opponents but the total stroke points will be based on full average.     18 possible points per team per night

 AVERAGES- Players will begin the season where their average was at the end of last year.  New players will start by setting average while playing, or use a valid SUB average or other league average from Deer Valley from last season.  Averages throughout the season will only be based on your last 4 rounds with previous scores eliminated.

 NO SHOWS- If a player does not get a sub and does not show, they will be charged for that league fee the following week and his opponent will play against the absentee’s average plus 10%.  E.g. The no show’s average is 40 and the opponent’s average is 40.  The opponent will play the no show even but the no show will post a score of 44(+10%) with an extra shot added on the 4 toughest holes giving the person who shows up a distinct advantage but no “free” points.  The NO SHOW will get 0 points.  Please keep in mind that if you don’t show, and don’t get a sub you are affecting all other league players due to teams getting points they may not have otherwise.

 FEES- TOTAL SIGN-UP COST IS $513 INCLUDING CART.  We are also offering the option for 2 payments.  The first payment of $279 is due by April 18th  and the 2nd payment of $234 is due June 20th and will require us to have your card on file.  Should we have any rainouts the first half of the season, the 2nd payment will be reduced accordingly.  If you pay in full and there are rainout(s), you will receive credit on your account.    Full, senior and weekday members with cart subtract the green fee and cart portion and pay $45.

SIGN-UP The deadline for verbal team commitment is March 15th and a call to the course or an e-mail is sufficient.  Please call Todd at the course (608) 924-3033 or send an e-mail to tking@deervalleygolf.com to let me know if you will be returning.  At that time we will replace teams from the waiting list.

 HOLE IN 1 CLUB If you haven’t signed up for the Hole In 1 Club, I encourage you to do so.  The cost is $5 and an additional $5 each time a Hole In 1 club member gets a hole in 1 at Deer Valley.  Click for details: Deer Valley Hole in 1 Club

 Information – PDF Files (get acrobat reader)

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